Next Month!

Next Month!

This August marks my 37th Birthday…Still a little ways to the BIG 40, mind you now that 40 is the new 20; I am about to celebrate my 17th, YAY! Or maybe not? No matter what we do we can’t stop time and really why would we want to? It is only ever regrets and or envy that has our vanity aching…LIVE LIFE NOW, not regretting the past, not waiting for the future…the “right” time…we have all heard “Carpe Diem, cease the day” but how many of us exercise the rule? In Acting we are taught to live in the moment…it may be a fictional circumstance but it must be an authentic emotion. What is an authentic emotion…it is one not planned, not rehearsed but felt, it is INSTINCT! So the long of the short is this year I am reminding myself…that which I know…must be that which I practise! xo

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