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It is amazing how little food we actually need to sustain our daily activities and energy. This coming from a hypoglycemic individual…who literally needs food or think of it as fuel every two hours. I will not delve into HYPOLYCEMIA other than to say, if you are dizzy or fainting, fatigued all the time, have mood swings, headaches you should speak to your doctor about checking your blood sugar levels. This is also to aid in preventing DIABETES as if you catch your hypoglycemia in time and eat accordingly you can prevent having to take insulin…who wants to stick themselves with a needle or be on medication if you don’t need to be.

The truth is many illnesses out there can be prevented and even treated without medication; simply by changing ones diet. One of the best things we can do for our health is to cleanse annually. There are many on the market and some are relatively easy to follow allowing you some food while cleansing and others are more intense eliminating all food.

Presently I am on DAY 4 of the Natural Factors Seven-Day Cleanse. This is my first time using this product and in all honesty it’s been 7 years since I have completed a cleanse. Due to pregnancy and nursing I had stopped cleansing and then with a hectic lifestyle and with motherhood I found it hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy annual routine; but I am back on track!

I like that I am allowed some fruit, nuts and veggies while on this one, as it makes it all the easier to remain disciplined and not feel hungry. My preferred cleanse by Enerex apprarently is no longer on the market and that one was definitely harder, no food at all…but I successfully completed that one many years in a row and the benefits which the cleanse yielded are truly incredible and that’s based on what I can see and feel...but the other benefits the unseen ones to my organs and in preventing disease; well they are there all the same.

It is the small quantity of food that can sustain us that amazes me though, we walk around being overfed and over stimulated by fast food and convenience that ultimately leads to us making unwise diet choices. Diet isn’t about weight loss, at least that’s not the only part that matters; there is something far more important at play…our BRAINS. The way what we eat effects our brain is astonishing to me, this is a topic I am just scratching the surface of as I read the BOOK The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution by John Gray, PH.D. The book discusses how our Brain Chemistry controls our Happiness, Health and Romance. I swear the first few chapters describe the relationship of mine which recently ended to a T. Having never read his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus I am truly enjoying learning about how men and women have different needs when it comes to nutrition and that it is different deficiencies which lead to depression in the two sexes and will surely read it once I am done with this one. I highly recommend this book and I haven’t even finished it. It was in reading the first few chapters that I restarted my own annual cleanse, normally best to be done at the beginning of the year but there is no time like the present when making life changes that will benefit ones health and ultimately family.

When we are healthy and in balance we are ourselves, we get to act from a place of heart and not ego, we can rationalize and remain calm through life’s various challenges.

I share with you bits of my journey as I progress so that I may inspire you to help yourself. No one will or can do for you what you need to and that is Love Yourself, take Care of Yourself…never neglect your body and mind and start today having your very own self-care daily regimen.

My Daily Self Care regimen consists of oils, neti cleansing, music and yoga…This is how I know that I get my day started in a healthy, positive manner…what will yours be?


Coach Danica xo




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