Ewart: Pipeline spill on California coast reaches all the way to Canada

It’s pretty easy to see that we shouldn’t construct new pipelines, yet it appears the decision makers are refusing to agree. All the while ignoring catastrophic consequences to our Nature and the fact that we already have technology to GO GREEN and use other alternatives. No more drilling, digging, piping and spilling…PERIOD!

Calgary Herald

The oil slick washing up on southern California beaches is only a few kilometres long, but its impact extends all the way to Canada.

A rupture in a pipeline operated by Plains All American Pipeline this week spilled an estimated 2,500 barrels of oil — with about 500 barrels of sticky crude flowing into the Pacific Ocean — in what the Houston-based company has suggested is a worst-case scenario.

It will take time to determine the exact volume spilled.

As discouraging as 15 kilometres of ocean beaches awash in pungent black oil may be, the worst-case scenario for the oil industry extends far beyond the state of emergency California Gov. Jerry Brown declared in the Santa Barbara area near Los Angeles.

The relatively minor spill will impact the debate over oil pipelines and tidewater ports for super tankers more than 2,000 kilometres north in British Columbia.

In the oil industry, the sins of the few typically cause punishment for the many.


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