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Miss Not so Perfect…

If it is in our imperfections and struggle our testimony is the strongest; why then do so many of us stay silent?

Shame keeps most adults who experience abuse as a child quiet.

Fear definitely plays a role.

Amnesia, some simply can’t remember.

Denial, incredible to think that a person would rather be deemed “crazy” for the insanity of the acts committed are too “UNREAL” too “evil” that it is easier for even they themselves to perpetrate the “Story” and believe the lie told to them to keep their silence initially, it’s their doing, fault, wanting, all in their imagination….

Deception, most often a loved one is involved or “aware of” but will NEVER admit it.

Betrayal, no help in sight…having shared, hoping someone cares…having to continue to suffer being betrayed by those in a position of authority or guardianship…

Being called TOO Sensitive, TOO Emotional, TOO Gregarious

I Coach Danica know what YOU are going through, I have been there and done that and please know that for me, my saving grace is my Faith, Mind and Humour; along with an IRONCLAD will to express through Word and Colour, through Art; the Pain endured by myself and Millions of others who unfortunately experience abuse by the hands blessed to parent, govern, teach and love us…

May my diverse writings, open heart and commitment to sharing knowledge and truth encourage you to fight for your LIFE. After all, the abuse was already dealt us; but we have the power to control the future damage… Always a permanent mark, it does not define you and do NOT let it destroy you for their wrongs can not be made right by your Anger and Hate but only by your LOVE and the desire to prevent what happened to you, from happening to your child, their children and so on and so forth the cycle can be broken.

I don’t mind that I am not perfect, in fact it’s in my flaws I found myself, “I found my voice in colour” and through my Art I will continue to heal…

“ART HEALS the not so perfect in us all”

-Coach Danica xo






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