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Recently Special K, a brand of cereal launched a Marketing Campaign aimed towards women and their Self Image. It is a very intimate view of the issue we women face when we look in the morning mirror; how do we feel about ourselves? When that feeling is Great, then we take that feeling and confidence with us throughout the day and the same is true when we feel HORRIBLE, we are then cranky and irritable and may have difficulty turning that frown, upside down. Our Mood not only effects those around us and the experiences we have but actually IMPACTS our lives for Better or Worse…

The reality is that it is up to us WOMEN to control our MOODS, but how do we do this? Even those of us who are well-informed about health and diet, the way in which our nutrition influences our brain power and physical wellbeing, even we struggle to maintain the balance between healthy and unhealthy; work, family, me time and community.

With all the mis-information and marketing campaigns designed to steer us and our hard-earned money into “their” (Corporations) pockets with very little regard for our health, lives and families…How do we make wise sound choices for ourselves, how do we turn off the record playing from our past and the frustration of our not where we want to be attitude, not how society and the Commercials brainwash us that we need to be like and what about our ego stroking dependency on Social Media? Let’s face it, although I commend Kelloggs for tackling Women’s Self Image, I must at the same time point out it is still a clever way of luring us ladies without educating us or even providing the “Healthy” Food that they claim…but I guess they think if they can get us to “feel” like we are doing something good and healthy for ourselves that it is the same as actually having healthy options and choosing those. So next time a company attracts you with their appeal to your struggle, remember to research their product, don’t take their highly paid Advertised Words for it.

That’s what I consider to #Ownit Protecting your health!

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Lost Time…

What most don’t realize, is that for someone suffering from Depression; time is lost or stands still. Even when they are attempting to lift up out of the clouds often they may be struck with the feeling of Shock <reliving and or denying the very reason and cause of their depression> which may very well trigger more down feelings. 

It can be a vicious cycle and therefore it is crucial to understand you need TOOLS and ROUTINE also Support. 

The phrase “Get over it” so greatly neglects the PROCESS. To actually overcome one must Allow themselves TIME and and actively be working towards the Change they need in their Perspective and Circumstances. 

Remeber as Winston Churchill said; “Never Give up!” 

Sending out Love and Hugs! 


Your Coach Danica xo

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Is a Promise the same as Terms?

The simplest way to show love, I say is by keeping a promise. It also illustrates respect. Now consider this, is a Promise made between two friends and or lovers any different from “Terms” in a business contract, verbal or writen? Yes or no? Now make sure to consider your answer carefully…

Yes…of course it is! At least I believe it to be one in the same; your “Word is your Bond.” For those of you who answered no; I ask, have we lowered our standards so much in society that we are immune to the constant misrepresentation which occurs professionally as we conduct our daily business affairs. Do we really not notice when we are lied to or a promise is broken in our relationship and when we do notice how do we react? What concequence is there to our lives?

To make  accurate projections in business one must analyze the researched data…but what now when the data analyzed is fraudulent and or quite simply incorrect. It seems we, some of us, understand that, that would then lead to projections which are not based on actual numbers and facts and how would we ever expect these projections then to produce their projected results? We can’t, not reasonably at least.

To make a sound decision whether it be professionaly or personally in one’s life, make sure you have all the information and that it is in fact accurate and hasn’t been altered or manipulated in any way…but how does one do that? We outsource so many of our needs, communicate with less than honest people and are distracted and influenced by a Techonolgy driven culture of “Anti-social-mediaism” We attend events only to post and publicize.. gone are the days of the true concept of socializing, talking and mingling, real in-person and live interaction. We hide behind our Social Media Profiles, yet project our presence and activity.

The key is to know yourself, your likes and dislikes as well as your willingess to strive for that which you wish to acheive, know what you stand for and that foregiveness helps us, not those we are trying to forgive. So with this said, we will never have ALL the information and we will never have it all ACCURATE or without any MANIPULATION of some sort, motive etc. So the absolute MUST is to RE-EVALUATE. Just as in a Court of Law, new eveidence must be submitted and considered so to is it in our lives.

RE-evaluate your needs and how the new terms, or information impacts your original decision, how does it change the result you had hoped for, will it change it? This is the time to move forward and not stay stuck on bitterness, resentment or negitive emotions.

Seek the Solution, which is always linked to your desire for your life. Your Heart Knows Best, let your Head be your Translator and Logistics Manager.


Your Coach