It was through my frustration and the witnessing of the injustice women/people face. The obstacles of parenting, the transition from Career woman to Mother and a disgust of “Experts” manipulating people’s naivite, that I, Danica Jesine Reyes developed “Coach Danica” Aiming to help people find solutions and to be creative rather than act drastically.

For me it is true that ”Art Heals and Knowledge is the Key!” Sharing and teaching  through my Blog, Workshops and one-on-one sessions to lift the spirits of People. I believe that crucial information, often life saving, should not only be available to the wealthy population who can easily afford expertise, it should be available to all.

I have tried more than most and less than some… Traveled, Studied, Worked, Fallen and Triumphed, but through it all, it has been my peristence to lead a “Happy” “Fulfilled,” life of “Peace” and “Love” that has driven me, Faith that keeps me and a sense of humour that makes even the hardest of circumstances, simply an obstacle to overcome.

Desperately need help? We all need help from time to time and I am here to assist you with your personal or professional project.


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