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Singular Focus…

for my Love of Art did not just begin but the journey to reveal that love, disclose my story, share my creations has only just.

I found my voice in color; having felt invisible and unheard, the frustration of not being supported in that which is my passion lead way to a Breakthrough. I am an Artist!

Nothing wasted, all the studying with-in the field of Business.. working in Luxury, serving the Elite…being cast into Reality TV all the while starving…

For many the realization of Self occurs later in life…I knew who I am and was meant to be at an early age. It wasn’t until Adulthood and Financial Stability that person could be revealed. Survival often distracts us from our Mission and Talents and that is why now with a Singular Focus… ART is all I will create, inspire and promote.

Share your Story as an Artist; as an individual who has had to stand alone in a crowd of “naysayers” feeling like an Alien speaking a foreign language, I can tell you that it is teaching from testimony that will start or could even save another young Artist’s Career, Dreams, Art and even their Life.

Art Heals; take it from Coach Danica, it isn’t simply color that is expressed through art, but rather voice.

Canvas is to an Artist what

Paper is to a Poet,

an Instrument is to a Musician,

a Stage is to a Dancer,

an Audience is to an Actor;

a medium for which to express.

– Coach Danica

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Is a Promise the same as Terms?

The simplest way to show love, I say is by keeping a promise. It also illustrates respect. Now consider this, is a Promise made between two friends and or lovers any different from “Terms” in a business contract, verbal or writen? Yes or no? Now make sure to consider your answer carefully…

Yes…of course it is! At least I believe it to be one in the same; your “Word is your Bond.” For those of you who answered no; I ask, have we lowered our standards so much in society that we are immune to the constant misrepresentation which occurs professionally as we conduct our daily business affairs. Do we really not notice when we are lied to or a promise is broken in our relationship and when we do notice how do we react? What concequence is there to our lives?

To make  accurate projections in business one must analyze the researched data…but what now when the data analyzed is fraudulent and or quite simply incorrect. It seems we, some of us, understand that, that would then lead to projections which are not based on actual numbers and facts and how would we ever expect these projections then to produce their projected results? We can’t, not reasonably at least.

To make a sound decision whether it be professionaly or personally in one’s life, make sure you have all the information and that it is in fact accurate and hasn’t been altered or manipulated in any way…but how does one do that? We outsource so many of our needs, communicate with less than honest people and are distracted and influenced by a Techonolgy driven culture of “Anti-social-mediaism” We attend events only to post and publicize.. gone are the days of the true concept of socializing, talking and mingling, real in-person and live interaction. We hide behind our Social Media Profiles, yet project our presence and activity.

The key is to know yourself, your likes and dislikes as well as your willingess to strive for that which you wish to acheive, know what you stand for and that foregiveness helps us, not those we are trying to forgive. So with this said, we will never have ALL the information and we will never have it all ACCURATE or without any MANIPULATION of some sort, motive etc. So the absolute MUST is to RE-EVALUATE. Just as in a Court of Law, new eveidence must be submitted and considered so to is it in our lives.

RE-evaluate your needs and how the new terms, or information impacts your original decision, how does it change the result you had hoped for, will it change it? This is the time to move forward and not stay stuck on bitterness, resentment or negitive emotions.

Seek the Solution, which is always linked to your desire for your life. Your Heart Knows Best, let your Head be your Translator and Logistics Manager.


Your Coach


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In search of a Coach

COACHES in Denmark, it’s no secret that the Danish Business Market LOVES Coaching! Here you can find a coach for lifestyle, sales, styling and business development and more and everywhere, it seems they took one favorite American Title and plastered it all over. But how well does Denmark understand the definition? Given that  there is no true accreditation for coaching, it is almost as scary a territory for a consumer to navigate as chosing a Marketing and PR Firm so here are a few tips to help you read between the lines of any Coach and or Consultant.

1. What have they, themselves achieved. Just as I would never pick a Realtor who does not him or herself own property, I would surely never pick a coach who has not manifested for  themself what he or she is about to preach that they can help you achieve.

2. If the website still has the latin placeholder information from the template they are using to build their site, chances are they are an amateur. Also, are they using a Blog as their main site’s website or have they actually invested in their own business and the marketing thereof?

3. Trust yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable or get a “bad vibe” respectfully decline further contact.

4. Check references, this is so easy now-a-days in this world of Social Networking and online marketing profiles. GOOGLE them, their business and personal name.

5. Demand accountability; as a contractor in construction must deliver on contracted services so should a Coach, set realistic goals not just together with your Coach for your business but also for their accountability and the conversion their coaching will generate.

6. Look at their Shoes & Jewels! Yes, I think like this as I am obsessed with quality, luxury and fashion but truly it was something I learned long ago. Pay attention to their clothes, do they wear them well, are they tailored or messy and cheap…I am sure I don’t need to explain further why. True, all should be treated equally well, regardless of socio-economic status but should be and are, are two different things. We live in a world were money talks and it is the HNWI who make the really important decisions that impact us all. So live and breathe this concept. “It takes Money to make Money.”

7. Stretch your operating budget; find a coach willing to trade services if you are not in the position to afford their services. There are enough out there, many brand new needing both experience and references for their portfolio. This is actually true for most of your business needs, LEVERAGE is Key my Lovelies!

Lastly, where there is Vision there is Opportunity and where there is opportunity there is growth, plant your seeds today! #Evolve beyond your resources. #Never limit yourself!

I welcome your comments and of course new connections!