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Lost Time…

What most don’t realize, is that for someone suffering from Depression; time is lost or stands still. Even when they are attempting to lift up out of the clouds often they may be struck with the feeling of Shock <reliving and or denying the very reason and cause of their depression> which may very well trigger more down feelings. 

It can be a vicious cycle and therefore it is crucial to understand you need TOOLS and ROUTINE also Support. 

The phrase “Get over it” so greatly neglects the PROCESS. To actually overcome one must Allow themselves TIME and and actively be working towards the Change they need in their Perspective and Circumstances. 

Remeber as Winston Churchill said; “Never Give up!” 

Sending out Love and Hugs! 


Your Coach Danica xo

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Uncharted Territory

How do we fear change and the unknown so much?

It is all unknown, the future is uncharted territory; we must instead steady ourselves, focus on the present moment and move forward in faith.

Every direction is uncertain, might as well take the road your heart is telling you to take…fear needs to be overcome regardless of your choice.