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Creative Measures

The best thing the Astani Brother’s – Astani Enterprises, Astani Construction and HPG Management ever built was the Anger with-in me…After five years of working with them; Puente de Sol, Concerto, Vero and Marco Astani’s Private Residence 1655 Clear View Dr. Beverly Hills, I took maternity leave which resulted in loss of position, title, change of office, work location, salary and asked to pay child’s medical… Complete discrimination but by involving the Dept. of Fair Housing and Employment; I was laid-off due to the “Bank Crisis.”

It was the best thing they could’ve done for me. I became number one for a Global Luxury Brand, worked with the Elite, Royalty and Celebrities the people other people dream of meeting. Most importantly I became more creative and resourceful than ever before. I found myself; no-longer the woman to stand-by, watch or listen to injustice but to use my voice and words.

I am now Coach Danica because of it, a mother, entrepreneur, and an artist.

Remember, drastic times DO NOT call for drastic measures but rather CREATIVE ones.


Coach Danica


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Drømmen om Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu…

Beverly Dr.
Beverly Dr.

Seeking knowledge about LA?

Har du brug for viden om Los Angeles?

Do you need advice before you choose a school and or residence in LA?

Har du brug for rådgivning inden du vælger skole eller bopæl i LA?

With 12 years experience in LA, especially Beverly Hills California, I am ready to help you get the most out of your LA experience. Save you money and help make it a safe and enjoyable stay.

Med 12 års erfaring i LA området især Beverly Hills Californien er jeg parat til at hjælpe dig får det meste ude af din oplevelse. Spare dig penge og hjælp sørge for en sikkert og dejlige ophold.

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“Comfort equals Confidence, Knowledge equals Choice, Style equals Personality” dj

Self Image
Self Image