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The realization

is different from the execution! A new perspective requires not only the new way of thinking but the daily practice to become habit forming.

Our old thoughts and habits must be reprogrammed and then the new coding needs to be entered… How else can I explain it? “A new train of thought needs oiling.” I try with humor and quotes to state what one needs to overcome, to triumph and to survive. It is by our actions which are controlled by our own mind that determines the results. It takes a lot more than the initial “a’ha” moment to establish a new belief, thought and or habit.

Most importantly don’t be hard on yourself through your learning and healing process, be kind to yourself and others always but be persistent, EVERYTHING requires EFFORT!

Sincerely Your Coach,


Wellness & Comfort

Dr. Drew can be wrong, you ask? Yes, most of them are!

Endometriosis isn’t pretty and it can certainly invoke ignorance by even a world renowned Doctor, as heard recently; Dr. Drew definitely created some heat for himself…

Endometriosis is as ugly as the pain that throbs through our bodies. Internal aches, feeling as though glass were cutting through us…

Bullets, shooting down our legs and back…

PAIN that these words don’t and can’t decribe… Waves of pain, crashing any hopes for a bright day…and yet…HOPE…find pain relief…somehow…find the strength to smile and most days we mask it, all this pain and frustration… but then there are those days… too many days…when we can not mask it and it all unfolds…we collapse to the pain, it wins….today but not tomorrow…and there you have it…the Spirit of the Endo Warrior.

That “somehow” is different for each of us endosisters and although there are some common practices that DO HELP; there has not yet a cure been found…For neither has the cause…YET SCIENTISTS and Doctors DO KNOW this and more…





A Hysterectomy is not the answer and neither is Hormone Treatment. All Hormone Treatment stresses the liver and can/will give Liver Tumor(s) (Funny, isn’t it they tell us about the possibility of stroke yet no mention of what damage synthetic hormones do to our liver…)REMEMBER TO ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT and consult multiple experts.

The answers are usually simple; they are deliberately complicated to keep us confused and keep us dependent and ultimately for profit to be gained at our expense…Thank the Medical Industry for making health an option for the wealthy…educated…resourceful and certainly not mainstream…we need reform, GLOBALLY!

I LOVE YOU my Endo Sisters and if lil’ol moi can get through this Journey called life, living with endo; then so can you!

I am only ever an email, tweet and or message away!



Coach Danica

aka: daNIcaStyle


Business is Business, Equations, Hate to Complain; but Must!, Identity


I have said it before and I will say it again, nothing is FREE!

To explain to a Launch company why they must pay for their Business Development and that it is in fact despite being related to marketing and sales a separate element; is hard. Everyone wants something free these days, something for nothing.

It’s definitely the GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS that has some entrepreneurs and corporations alike forgetting the number one rule, SOMETHING for SOMETHING. LEVERAGE and cross-promotion, cooperation that is what leads to conversion and the ever so desired dollar and sale! Let’s not forget for a minute the target, the client or consumer, they don’t want to be pressured by someone who has very little to no product knowledge. Personality would be nice and maybe some customer relation skills, you really think you will get all this and a happy employee to spread happy word of mouths about your business for nothing or by squeezing two workers out of one by combining job duties and titles to package and better market the oh so undesirable compensation?

WHAT about commission? Business Development and commission, this only works when there is an incentive along with the industry standard 10-15% on sales Agent/rep contracts. Possibly a minimal salary base, a new account sign-up bonus (reasonable amount i.e .5-1% of anticipated account projections) etc. NEVER work for a company that can’t or won’t INVEST in your efforts. Either they are just hoping you will succeed but don’t truly BELIEVE you will and or they are trying to save money where the money needs to be spent and therefore wait five years, if they are still in business I would say still don’t consider it! Know your worth! You would be better off and make more $, producing your own product, than marketing another’s for pennies.

In my personal case, my work history has proven that I do the work of THREE.

I am a TOP performer in Sales. I was NUMBER one in Sales for a GLOBAL LUXURY BRAND, “Christolfe” for the entire WEST COAST of the UNITED STATES 2011/2012. Represented an A-list client base and received gifts and compliements from people you wish I would disclose the names of…

I have a forklift certification from when I managed the entire Shipping, Warehouse, Fulfillment and Quality Control for a company called Co2Uch Inc. dba. SuperCouch for all of NORTH AMERICA, we made dog phones and boxing frog pens and I worked like a slave; for that was the company that sponsored my H1B Visa as a Budget Analyst so that I may be legal to work in USA.

When others tried and failed to contact and make a deal with Pachenga, I did and I did not have an  easy product to sell. A Meet and Greet with Evander Holyfield. The marketing I did for his camp during his “Redemption in America” taught me a lot about the Corrupt world of Boxing and how I wish to have no part in it…

I won’t even begin to go into details of what my position at Astani Enterprises and HPG Management entailed. Okay, I will mention one of the projects: 142 Million USD High-rise Condominiums, Downtown Los Angeles… if you are really GOOGLE: Astani Enterprises, Concerto. It has since been sold and renamed APEX.

Then there is my God-given talent, PUBLIC RELATIONS. Who do you know that can get a meeting with a high-profile individual with-in months of initial attempt? True my smile helps in-person but the fact is I am and will always be a magnet and needless to say that’s a priceless instrument for anyone’s business.

I have learned a lot from working with companies such as:

ART of Man Gallery, The Empress Hotel, Victoria BC

Mauro’s Cafe, Fred Segal on Melrose, Los Angeles CA

deLaCour America, The Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills CA

The Beverly Hills Times, Beverly Hills CA

When I think back to my days as a Receptionist for Jyllands Posten, I feel that I am blessed to have experienced the many departments that build the structure of an organisation,

Also, no secret I have been on a few Networks now, still nothing for me to brag about…yet…

So excuse me if my abilities, work history, professionalism and performance don’t permit me to do Business Development for FREE.

SHOW me the MONEY and I will give you the fruit of my labor; for to harvest you must first sow!

Investment in Business Development:

Qualified candidate + financial incentive (base) + Marketing Budget = Sales

Promote people, produce more, profit more!